website hosting & multimedia design

I have been designing websites professionally since 2003. Back then I needed a website for my wedding photography business. I could hardly afford conventional advertising such as newspaper, radio, yellow pages and cable TV. In fact, the results I achieved from those media NEVER paid for themselves. But I reasoned that I had to do something - at least for the first couple of years to build up a customer base and hopefully word-of-mouth eventually would kick in. (Today, I don't HOPE for any advertising or marketing effectiveness - even word-of-mouth requires incentives - but we can talk about all such things during consultation).

While some media may be useful to target your perfect customer and during certain times of the year and with various promotional offers - the small business owner must have a marketing program which is cost-effective and which includes minimal time investment on the owner's part. For the vast majority of small businesses, a professionally designed website loaded with engaging multimedia features and social media integration and marketing is most often the effective solution. If your website is not a business generating machine - something is wrong. Today, with all the website server, data base and internet marketing technology available - there is no excuse for a professional website NOT to be producing for your business. If you don't have a website - your business is losing business to competitors who do have a professionally developed website - assuming all other things being equal.

Nowadays, anybody can design a simple webpage and create enough webpages to make a website. But building a website and thinking that means "they will come" is not reality. Can you imagine if it were only that simple to start a successful business by simply posting a website? For a professionally designed business website which you may expect to provide serious cost-effective results - it is most often necessary to hire a professional website designer with a practical working knowledge of business advertising and marketing strategies. My website design services start at $1,200 for these reasons. My GUARANTEED services are an investment in your business - not a business expense when it is all said and done. Business owners should think of my services as part of being in business. A free and no obligation consultation can help us to determine whether I would be a good fit and partner for your organization.

Have you found a website online you really like?

Any website on the internet I can duplicate or preferably redesign to meet your needs and make even better for your particular situation. I can also design a unique business logo to help make your organization more memorable. Logos I design may be registered with copyright office and can be used on your business cards, letterheads, promotional materials, etc., for a consistent and effective business identity.