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Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can be created with common still and video cameras using special software.

The virtual tour on the left was shot with high-end professional digital camera and created using special software by the people at Photoweb.

www.kolor.com for software.


If you prefer, WebSearch Analysis can provide you virtual tour services and probably save you money and maybe headaches.







3D Virtual Tour Example

Video Tours vs. Virtual Tours

Video tours are not as expensive to create as Virtual Tours. A distinct advantage of video tours over virtual tours is that video tours may more easily be search engine optimized. This means people searching Google may actually find your video tours directly in search engine results. This advantage does not exist with virtual tours. For this reason, video tours are more cost-effective than virtual tours from a marketing standpoint. Also, video tours emphasize what you want your prospective customers or clients to view and not "overload" them with unnecessary 360° views in all directions.

If your business serves the wedding & event industry, consider placing a FREE Premium Listing Advertisment on the Wedding & Event Network directory at www.eventvenueschattanooga.com Your Google Virtual Tour will be placed there at no charge where it may receive thousands of views each month, especially during the heavy booking months.


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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com

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