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Virtual Tours in Athens, Tennessee

Real Estate 3D Virtual Tours - Floor Plans

We know using a drone for aerial photography is all the rage right now. But most people considering purchasing a home and home inspectors need to actually go through the home. Aerial shots of a roof do NOT tell a home inspector everything that needs to be checked in a home inspection report. Likewise, home buyers must eventually make their decision to purchase or not based on an actual visit to the home they are considering. We believe staying FOCUSED around the outside with emphasis on the inside of a home as it is experienced on the ground by home buyers is the best way to make it convenient and faster for prospective home buyers to view a home - using 3D Virtual Tour and floor plan technology. We look forward to offering this additional option in the near future. THIS is the direction the professional real estate marketing industry is headed towards!

3D Virtual Tour Example

Video Tours vs. Virtual Tours

Video tours are not as expensive to create as Virtual Tours. Video tours are hosted free on YouTube.

A distinct advantage of video tours over virtual tours is that video tours may be search engine optimized. This means people searching Google may actually find your video tours directly in search engine results. This advantage does not exist with virtual tours. However, 3D virtual tours like the one above, is very powerful and is also available for viewing with 3D virtual goggles!

Our strategy is to create video tours hosted on YouTube which are search optimized and which also contain active text links to 3D Virtual Tours as well as PDF property brochures which internet users may take with them.

3D Floor Plan

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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com

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