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3D Floor Plan Creation & Video Tours Athens Tennessee

3-D Floor Plans are perfect for event venues, rental properties and for providing walking directions inside large building complexes. Video tours and photo galleries may also be installed at key positions on 3-D Floor Plans.

Video tours cost a lot less to produce than Virtual Tours and when video tours are combined with a 3-D Floor Plan, it can make a great substitute to a Virtual Tour production.

3-D Floor Plans start at $100 each as for a single room as immediately below. This price will be discounted when customer can provide conventional floor plan with dimensions. The time it saves getting measurements will save you money.

The camera icons in the 3-D floor plans below may be clicked to pop open video views from those sections of the room.

Unlike virtual tours, videos hosted by YouTube may also be search engine optimized.

Virtual tours are also sometimes "overwhelming" in the sense they often become a "play thing" with the interactivity they provide. This interactivity becomes the focus or distracts many people from really using the virtual tour for the purpose it is suppose to be so effective for.

It is for this reason that less expensive virtual tours which simply do a 360° horizontal rotation in each room is what I recommend if you have chosen to use a virtual tour instead of a video tour.

The 360° horizontal-only virtual tour pan is cheaper and is more focused on actually showcasing the property or other space then a virtual tour which shows views in every 360° angle.

Of course, there are some properties where being able to view the ceilings or space above is a good selling point for that space or venue. In such cases it may be worth the extra investment to provide website visitors the virtual tour which makes viewing the ceiling worthwhile.

Kitchen at Union Square 3D Floor Plan

3-D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plan

WebSearch Analysis provides real estate photography, videos and interactive 3D floor plans.



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677 County Road 616 Athens, TN 37303
Email: john@websearchanalysis.com



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