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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Athens Tennessee area Businesses

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A great website is a terrible thing to waste. The vast majority of our customers come to us with beautifully designed websites but which are not being found by their prospective customers and clients. The Search Engine Optimization services we provide are Google, Bing and Yahoo friendly and are designed to help get your website found by your target audience.

Search engine optimization services which do not require you to enter any lengthy contract. I provide SEO for your website on a pay as you go basis. My fee is $20 per hour. Pay for as little as five hours with each order you place with me. I provide you an ongoing SEO Report which shows the verifiable work which I have done for you and the results of this work as the search engines respond over the coming weeks. This live ongoing report is posted on your website statistics page (I will create if needed) for your convenient viewing 24/7.

Please provide your phone number so I may call if we have any questions about your order. My goal is to keep you as a regular customer by providing great service that works for your business.

I do not provide free SEO consultations. I do not analyze a website and report everything that needs to be done so that a prospective client can try to make all the fixes themselves or find some amateur who may overcharge them to try to do what really needs to be done. But you will receive the ongoing SEO report I previously mentioned which details all the verifiable work/tasks I have done for you. Still have some questions? Call my office at 423-883-6171

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